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5 Key Traits That Lead You To Million Dollar Ideas

5 Key Traits That Lead You To Million Dollar Ideas

Pairs Well With…”Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other three tires because you got a flat.” – Unknown

“You know, you might be one of the happiest people I know.  You’re like…rainbows and sunshine…pretty much all the time.  Either that or you really keep up a good front, but I doubt it,” a friend said to me last week.  A handful of things, if I may:

  1. Let’s be honest. I don’t have the energy to carry on any sort of facade, especially for the entire three months we’ve been on our trip. Forcing yourself to be something other than what you are, or guarding yourself, is a waste of time. Plus, like the rest of the group I’m traveling with, I’m too busy managing my social medias. C’mon now.
  2. Rest assured, I have my coffee and middle fingers kind of days, too.
  3. I’ve discovered that my happiness lies in my work freedom, which has allowed me to enjoy live differently, but in a more fulfilling way. I get to be creative and design big ideas and collaborations day in and day out.  That’s my sweet spot.
  4. For the record, my friend, you forgot unicorn.  I’m like rainbows and sunshine, but you forgot unicorn.  (Next time.)

I (finally) devoted myself to self-reflection this week, something I promised I would do more of in Cambodia…when I’m not tied up playing tug-o-war over my purse, that is.  I thought about what it is I love so much about my path today, and ultimately, where I want to be at the end of Remote Year. Due to the fact that this question has already been posed by people both in and outside the program, I’ve been forced to think about it, and maybe that’s an okay thing.  I guess it’s good to have clear intentions and know what I’m working towards, right?  I don’t want to find myself in the middle of month twelve thinking, “What happened?” the same way Kanye’s been wondering what’s happened to his career.


Success vs. Happiness

Success vs. Happiness

Pairs Well With… “My life is my journey” – Gandhi

Life success

Success can mean a million things depending upon who you are, what you stand for and in what part of the globe you live.  Each of us defines success differently, as we should.  Success is personal and is a result of our finest passions.  Yet, we are judged by others, benchmarked, on what our successes looks like, regardless of what makes us happy.  Isn’t an individual’s happiness what should matter most?

My view of life today is much less superficial than in my 20’s.  Thank goodness!  The lens through which I look at the world is different and it’s powerful. There are no longer blinders on.  The moves I make today are filled with purpose and meaning and are meant for no one more than myself.

Who was I trying to impress all those years with my “roster of fanciness?”  I began building my pint-sized empire at an early age until one day I started questioning why.  Was it to have four pages of great accomplishments to whittle down from to create a show stopping resume?  To impress Mr. Future Husband?  Or did I carry some unconsciously pressure to be the best?  I was achieving things I didn’t care about, and more so, didn’t want.  I wasn’t doing my life for me.

I wanted to make changes in a direction that better suited and fulfilled me, but what were those changes?  How can you move towards an undefined direction?  Life was flourishing for me, but I wanted more.  So much more.  I wanted something I crave as much as a good slice of pizza.   Then…

(Insert light bulb moment here)

I recalled one of the better pieces of advice I’d been given: “I’m not going to tell you how to live your life and I know “the next thing” motivates you, but if you’re trying to achieve all the time, you can’t enjoy at the same time.”  Point taken.  No more mindlessly attending to pieces of my life as a checklist to say, “I did it.”  The challenges, endeavors, meetings – all of it should excite me and make me tick.

Once I gave myself a moment to understand what it is I gravitated towards, I began to feel energized and re-inspired.

And that is when great things started to happen again.

We need to find passion and excitement in all that we do.  Think about how many days in a year we go about our lives unengaged and uninspired.

More than is necessary.

To me, success is how many lives I touch, the big risks I take to challenge myself, and the lessons I learn at the end of each day.  Today, I’m on a fantastic, focused and determined path – one that makes me happy.

Once you determine what makes you happy, that’s life success.  Life is as simple as that.  It’s your success and don’t let anyone else tell you it’s not.

Since I’ve published this post, I quit my job, followed my heart and embarked on a global travel journey where I sometimes fish for food by hand and eat weird critters in new countries. 

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