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Fall Into Forgiveness: The 1,000 Mile Roadtrip

Fall Into Forgiveness: The 1,000 Mile Roadtrip

Pairs Well With…”Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you.”

Fall is a time of change and transition. It’s a good time to declutter, purge and start fresh. Sometimes things, even life, need a good overhaul once in a while. Because of the feeling that fall brings, it is easily my favorite time of year.

Last week, with Labor Day right around the corner, I decided I was going to purge my life of negativity or anything that even remotely looked like a Lifetime movie.  It’s got to go. See ya. That sh*t is not for me.  I need to make room for more important things like what my next career move is and what I will wear for my first home game in the new Vikings stadium.  Naturally, the things that matter.

The thing about switching it up is, you have to be willing to make moves.  Actually, you have to be willing to move.

So, I moved – at about 75 mph for 1,000 miles over five days in an effort to hit reset through a trip I hadn’t really planned on taking. As I hit the road, I found a larger purpose to the trip that I hadn’t anticipated.


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