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I Lost My Pants In Lisbon

I Lost My Pants In Lisbon

For the first time in many months, cities and continents, I felt settled in Lisbon.  This city has been the closest thing to home since I left Minneapolis and for anyone that’s been following along on this journey, that is something big.  As much as I’ve loved being on the go seeing new places and things, I also love feeling settled.  However, things started getting a bit dicey during the last few days in Lisbon, and I could tell it was the right time to shift out of Lisbon and into Marrakech, Morocco.

Where to begin…well, I guess we can start with the matter at hand: I lost my pants in Lisbon.  I don’t know how one does that, but it happened.  If anyone finds them, keep the pants, but I’d like my dignity back.  It’s in the back right pocket.  (The time has come to start a running list of all the things that have gone MIA on this trip. Donde estan mis pantalones, anyone?)

Meanwhile, in the midst of the big pants hunt, my house was being overrun by rats. Okay, mice. Tiny ones, but still. There were multiple and just knowing they were there lurking in the night wasn’t cool. Every evening since their late in the game arrival, I slept with a towel underneath my door trying to barricade myself in from these mischievous renegades, but they found me anyway.

And to add another kicker to the mix, the guy I made out with earlier in the week was a Michael Jackson sketch artist.  No sooner was I two minutes into this story at dinner with a girlfriend, somewhere between an “I can’t believe this is my life” laugh and a “woe is me” cry, I stopped talking and pointed up to the noise coming out of the ceiling.  It was no longer the Spanish tunes playing minutes earlier but Michael Jackson’s Workin’ Day & Night.” Life just doesn’t get any better than this, folks!  This, as we know it…is my life

Oh, and that’s not where this story ended.  After brief messenger exchange of nice meeting you and lose my number, I got a one link response.  It was to Michael Jackson’s YouTube video, “You Are Not Alone.” (Think about it.)

Either way, Lisbon was definitely one for the books giving me lots to think about going into halftime. Can you believe this craziness I call my life is already half over?  Or maybe it’s that I still have six months left to do “all the things”?!  Either way, there will be a lot of wholesome self-reflection coming out of Africa.  It’s been one hell of a week, and I may have gotten more than I bargained for flying solo, but you better believe there’ll be good stories to share.

Remember Kate from the first Pairs Well With... video cast? Well, she didn’t lose her pants like I did – she microwaved hers!

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