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Same, Same…But WAY Different (My European Welcome)

Same, Same…But WAY Different (My European Welcome)

Pairs Well With…Getting it together + Cultural Adaptation + New Continent

I’m happy to report that after one week of hiding out, stomping feet, being yelled at by little old ladies and on the verge of a major breakdown in Belgrade, I’ve survived and have resurfaced.  No, really. Last week, it felt like the world was ending, and it was unbearable to think that I’d be living in Belgrade for the next five weeks. Five weeks. Why five weeks here when every other country had been four?  Was this some sort of punishment?

Day after day of my first week in Belgrade, I faced minor annoyances that compounded into what felt like a catastrophic problem until one day I found myself unloading tears of frustration on the corner of “sign I can’t read” and “sign I can’t read.” I think it’s safe to say that Belgrade and I got off on the wrong foot because I’m (finally) starting to enjoy my time here.  But last week, all I was thinking last week was, “How do I buy a ticket out of here?!


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