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Thailand’s Top 10 Thrills & Things to Do

Thailand’s Top 10 Thrills & Things to Do

Pairs Well With…”Cheap Thrills” by Sia

Thailand came in as the front-runner of my four months in Asia.  I loved everything about it.  From food to adventures to the people, it was an amazing, eye-opening and an unforgettable part of my travels.  When you’re standing with an elephant who wants to play with you or on one of the most beautiful islands in the world by yourself watching the sunset, it’s hard not to stop and say to yourself, “Hot damn, I can’t believe this is my life.”

I was fortunate enough to see a good portion of Thailand.  I put on a lot of moving miles between planes, buses, boats and car rides.  While in Bangkok the majority of the month, I was afforded many cheap thrills and laughable photo opps, and each of my Thailand mini adventures gave me a little something different.  Shortly after my arrival to Bangkok, I took off for a few days of work catch up on the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.  Pictures can’t even do this part of the country justice.  Then, it was back to Bangkok for a few days before heading up north for cultural exploring and “do-gooding” in Chiang Mai.  As I left Thailand, I realized I had pretty much done “all the things.”


Awww, Phuket.  I’m Ready for Bangkok (The Final Asia Stop)

Awww, Phuket. I’m Ready for Bangkok (The Final Asia Stop)

Pairs Well With… “One Night in Bangkok” by Murray Head AND….my 100th post!!!!!

Bangkok. The city of smiles, pad thai, fried scorpions (that apparently taste better than french fries, or so I hear)…and lady boys.  Bangkok is fantastic and offers a bit of relief from some of the hardships we experienced in Cambodia.  Bangkok, I love you.  As this is my last stop in Asia, I think we’re all planning going out with…a bang.

In only twelve hours, I was able to get a good enough read on the city to determine that it has the kind of energy I would look for if I were moving to a bigger one.  I never quite know what I’m walking into month to month, partly because I like to be surprised and want to paint my own perception of the city and partly because I’m still living in the “here and now” and really can’t be bothered to think that far ahead quite yet.

Thailand is one of those places that I have excitedly anticipated visiting for a long time, though for anyone who has seen Brokedown Palace, you’re probably still looking over your shoulder at the airport.  For the record, there have been other notable movies filmed in Thailand, from Hangover 2 to The Beach, painting a picture of both a bustling city and chill island vibes, both of which I plan to explore.


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