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You Can Have My Fried Rice, But I’m Not Goin’ Out Like That

You Can Have My Fried Rice, But I’m Not Goin’ Out Like That

Pairs Well With…”Goin’ Down For Real” by Flo Rida

If you’ve ever gotten robbed, and we’re not talking about losing your dignity at the bar last Saturday night, it might have felt like your world flashed before your eyes in slow motion.  In those seconds when it’s all going down for real, it seems like an endless moment.  Yet, there are so many details that take place with that three-second span of time.  Now, I must state for the record that I didn’t get robbed, but it was a very close call.

So, here I was merely being a Citizen of the World and attempting to cross the street with a friend on the way back from dinner. Crossing the street in Phnom Penh, like Vietnam, means walking and weaving between oncoming traffic. While the motorbikes in Vietnam were intense, they at least knew how to maneuver around pedestrians.  Here, there may not be as many, but they will full on take. you. out.  Drivers here have no concern for your welfare. None.  And, if dealing with traffic isn’t scary enough, I now have two things I have to highly guard: my physical life and my other life, my purse.


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