A Girl’s Gotta Eat: All The Things I Ate In Thailand

A Girl’s Gotta Eat: All The Things I Ate In Thailand

Pairs Well With…Pad Thai + Pad Thai + More Pad Thai

We’re here.  We made it.  Thailand is the last month of the Asia food challenges.  You’ll be disappointed to know that I just couldn’t bring myself to eat the grand finale of surprises, live shrimp. Instead, I stood on the sidelines drinking a nicely chilled glass of rose, per usual. But to make up for what I didn’t eat, I at least made an attempt at eating scorpions.  #thathappened.  Here is what this month’s food challenge looked like:

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I also took up a new hobby this month: consuming frequent amounts of pad thai to the point where my body was rejecting noodles and carbs by the end of the month.  (Okay, that’s actually not even really true at all and probably never will be.  But…I’m pretty sure I haven’t had noodles since I left Thailand.)

Thailand has some of THE BEST food I’ve ever tasted, a likely reason why it is one of the most popular cuisines in the world.  One thing I love about the Thai food is that it almost always consists of the five major flavors (sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter) and leaves a lasting impression on your palate. This is also why you can expect a good number of ingredients in any given Thai dish.  You can also bet it will have a strong sent and some level of spice, like it or not.

pad thai bangkok thailand

Pad Thai Perfection

pineapple fried rice bangkok thailand

Pineapple Fried Rice

And, of course, like any other country, you’ll find the weird stuff…

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….but lots of other local and at-home favorites, too!

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All and all, stellar food month.  This month’s A Girl’s Gotta Eat Guide to Thailand is probably one of my favorites.  It includes an authentic (and semi-intricate) pad thai recipe, among many other Thai delights.  Oh, and if you’ve never had coconut sticky rice, well, you’re for sure missing out in life.

In case you’ve missed the rest of the A Girl’s Gotta Eat series, here are previous guides at your fingertips!

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So, in case you haven’t heard, I’m in EUROPE and having a marvelous time.  More to come from Serbia soon.

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9 comments on “A Girl’s Gotta Eat: All The Things I Ate In Thailand
  1. Anung says:

    Oh, love seeing how others make recipes their own

  2. An Trieu says:

    Ah, Thai is one of my favorite cuisines. Glad you had a chance to try out all of the weird interesting food there!

  3. Alex says:

    Yum!!! Beside the live shrimp… I don’t blame you!

  4. Wow, looks delicious! Can’t wait to see the recipes.

    • pairswellwith@gmail.com says:

      There’s a clickable recipe guide down at the bottom of the post! Four, one for every country I’ve been to this year!

  5. Diane Staba says:

    You probably weren’t the first not to try the fried tarantula but A for effort on trying the Scorpion. I am excited to try the traditional Pad Thai recipe in A Girl’s Gotta Eat 💖

    • pairswellwith@gmail.com says:

      You mastered making Pho, so I have all the confidence in the world you’ll nail these recipes too!

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