What Do You Want To Be Known For?

Pairs Well With…”Chase It” by Ashley Dubose, a Minneapolis favorite (LOVE this song!)


In a hallway conversation with my colleague last week, he asked how I liked my new job, and how my blog was coming along, mentioning that he thoroughly likes and is touched by my writing.  I told him I was working to find a balance for both, in order to be 100% focused on each.

My colleague shared a story with me about someone he once worked with who worked her 9-5 by day, and baked cookies at night, something that was evolving into quite the side business. As her cookie business continued to grow, her boss pulled her aside and asked her what she wanted to be known for.  My guess was a mean chocolate chip cookie.

My colleague looked me in the eyes and said, “So…what do YOU want to be known for?” and walked away.

I paused, standing there for another ten seconds before I made a move.  You can’t just leave me hanging like that!  Sh*t. It felt like a loaded question, with a lot of pressure attached to it, and the wheels started turning in my head. What did I want to be known for?  Hmmm. LOTS of things, I guess.  Yet, I know that doesn’t work.  It’s not practical to be known for everything, to be great at everything. The reality is, you can’t be great at one thing if you’re trying to be good at everything. Fact.

What did I want to be known for?

I started thinking of this in reverse as I reevaluated my life at my 3×3, also known as my desk. What didn’t I want to be known for?  Did I want to be the person, should I end up cashing in my chips early, who did “good enough” instead of spectacular?  Most certainly not. Did I want to be the positive, high-energy innovator, but didn’t reach her capacity in sharing it with the world?  Bo-ring.  Did I want to be the quitter who gave up just because she didn’t know how to pave her path?  Lame.

What did I want to be known for?

I started to think about my talents and strengths: connectedness, positivity, boldness, intuition, inspiration…


Something about inspiration hit hard for me. The hard part about inspiration is you can’t try to inspire people, it just happens.  Inspiring, specifically through my writing, means simply being me, doing what I do, speaking my truth, and creating an exciting world around me.  It’s not tangible like baking cookies or DIY projects, but it sure leaves a mark in the world – and impressions on hearts, something more impactful than I could ever hope to ask for, and that money can’t buy.

My writing feeds my soul.  

It’s what I know.  It’s who I am.  It’s what comes naturally to me.

The support I receive each week for Pairs Well With…is AMAZING!  It’s been a record-breaking month in so many ways, from national exposure to breaking week over week traffic records.  The stories and comments about how I’ve inspired or influenced change in others or made them think or look at life differently is what I thrive on.  It keeps me motivated.  My hope is to be able to offer perspective and comfort and allow others to relate.

So, when you find yourself saying, “I don’t know what I’m meant to do,” ask yourself, “What do YOU want to be known for?”

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