One Team, One Dream

One Team, One Dream

Pairs Well With…”All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled

Most of us aspire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, especially when it comes to romance.  We all have the need to feel special, and with that comes a desire to belong to something more than just flying solo.  When I think of belonging, the first thing that comes to mind is being a part of a team, anything from sports to a social club to work to relationships.

All and all, we want people on our team who accept us for who we are, cheer us on when we’re striving for more and want to see us perform at our best.

We want someone to be there when we need them.  We want our own cheerleader.

As far as relationships are concerned, operating as a team is key to success and longevity. Together, you create a unified force that is stronger than what you can create alone.  Over time, you learn how to leverage each other’s strengths and navigate through each other’s personality differences, helping each other hurdle the past and together working towards mutual goals. Being a team player in a relationship means knowing when to take a backseat to let your other half have the ball and how hard, and when, to push each other to reach maximum potential.

The same principles that govern teams apply to relationships as well, because after all, both are partnerships.

There’s a saying that goes “A team doubles the pleasure with half the pain.”  It’s true. Watching each other in action with each person behind the same cause and driving towards success is a motivator to reaching higher heights and taking on new challenges.

At the core, here’s what it means to be part of a team within a relationship:

Teammates are always learning about one another.  The best teams take time and practice to shape up their “A game.”  Practice makes perfect.  The learning never ends.

Always have your teammate’s back.   She will have yours, too.  One team, one dream – and everyone is working towards a common goal. Trust that your teammate always has your best interest at heart.

Don’t give up on winning, even when you’re behind.  Together, you push to catch up, and then push harder to win.

Communication is key.  The strongest teams can miscommunicate or ill execute simple plays. Everyone is accountable. Silence is not a response, and dialogue to align on strategy is critical. Walking off the field signals “me” not “we.”

You don’t get to choose when you participate.  You’re either on a team, or you’re not.  A team is an always on role.  Play or pass.

Ask for help or support when you need it.  We all have moments where we can’t do it ourselves or need someone to lean on and help teach us.  It’s okay to leverage one another to get better and achieve more.

You win together and you lose together.  No pointing fingers, no keeping score, no walking away. Together, you determine what winning means for the both of you, and you figure out what to give your teammate when she needs it. Problem solve along the way and continue moving forward while building on that foundation.

Accountability as part of a team teaches you things about yourself.  You learn what you’re capable of giving and let go of selfishness for the greater good of the team – because a team is about more than just you.  You learn about your blind spots as you go and strive to overcome what you can.  There are things you simply cannot learn on your own.

Teams create bonds that can’t be broken.  Trust created in teams is unbreakable.  Bonds created by teams last a lifetime.

A team needs each of its players to perform at their best in order to function the way it should.

Being part of a winning team helps keep us on top of the game of life.

And when you’re on top of your game, you’re WINNING!

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