Work With Me

In markets flooded with endless options for wine and dining and brands vying for attention, it can be difficult to cut through the static and get your brand noticed.  So, I’m here to help.

Scratch that. I’m here to make you look like a rockstar.

I get your brand noticed by showcasing it in recipe integrations, branded pairing suggestions, creative content ideas and experience reviews.  My ability to create matches made in heaven all over the world, from introducing wine lovers to their new favorite Chilean wine, to recommending a vineyard as part of a wine tasting trip, and highlighting a remarkable undiscovered meal pairing to the die-hard foodie, keep your consumers coming back for more.  

Creating a memorable brand experience is easy when you know how to create the perfect pairing. Allow me to make your product and dining experience even more interesting and help you engage with new audiences while deepening your already established relationships.

Let me show you what I can do. Let’s chat and see where I can add the most value to your business. Work with Me carin skowronsky pairs well with