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Top 10 2018 Food Trend Predictions

The moment we foodies have all been waiting for….2018 food trends.  Okay, maybe that’s just me.  Either way, I just read about 20 fascinating articles on what’s predicted to hit the shelves and make it’s way to your mouth next year.  Believe me when I say my jaw dropped.  My guess is yours will, too….

Unpack Your Adjectives (Or Throw Commas Like Confetti)

Pairs Well With…”ABC” by The Jackson 5 “Unpack your adjectives…or get the hell out of my class!”  At least, that’s what my grammar teacher, “Sherm”, used to tell me.  I never fully understood what “unpacking” them meant, or who had the time to do such a thing.  Where the hell am I supposed to put…