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From Corporate Life to Entrepreneurial Endeavors

A few months back, I hosted my first live stream event in Lisbon with life coach Kate Bagoy.  But it didn’t go well.  It went GREAT, like…2,100 views great. This was a scary moment for me for a number of reasons: 1) I’ve seen people operate tech with more ease than I do, 2) being…

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I Lost My Pants In Lisbon

For the first time in many months, cities and continents, I felt settled in Lisbon.  This city has been the closest thing to home since I left Minneapolis and for anyone that’s been following along on this journey, that is something big.  As much as I’ve loved being on the go seeing new places and things,…

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Portugal is Paradise & I May Never Leave

Pairs Well With…Sunshine + Portuguese Egg Tarts + Blue Waters + Magic of the City As I sit in the living room of my apartment in Portugal, windows open, sun shining in, church bells ringing, and the rumble of the 28 line (yellow tram) below me, I realize that these simple pleasures are what I…