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10 Truths About Love & Wine ❤️ 🍷

Wine is liquid love in a fancy glass.  There is something lovely about curling up with a glass of red on a chilly evening and taking in the flavors of my favorite wine regions, a couple of which I’m about to move to over coming months.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited…

KL Malaysia Skyline

Holy Sh*t, I Live in Asia: The Balancing Act

Pairs Well With… “Regalia Sunset” by Jay Harrison I have been living in Asia a day short of two weeks now.  I feel like I did absolutely nothing productive during this span of time, but honestly, I did everything.  Have you ever done so much that you felt like you actually did nothing? It’s an odd…

Mystery Meat & Asia Acclimation: My First Few Days of Remote Year

Pairs Well With… “Fill your life with adventures, not things.  Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”  I ate a lot of balls this week, which I believe are various sorts of colorful mystery meat. No, seriously: meatballs, fishballs, riceballs.  I started noticing a geometric pattern in my eating.  Circles represent being complete or…

It’s My Job & I’ll Quit If I Want To

Pairs Well With… “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi   “What will you do for a job while on Remote Year?” asked…everyone. While I was still in the throes of determining my job, I knew immediately what I was not going to do anymore – anything that doesn’t make me happy or feed my soul….