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Lisbon Portugal live stream pairs well with

From Corporate Life to Entrepreneurial Endeavors

A few months back, I hosted my first live stream event in Lisbon with life coach Kate Bagoy.  But it didn’t go well.  It went GREAT, like…2,100 views great. This was a scary moment for me for a number of reasons: 1) I’ve seen people operate tech with more ease than I do, 2) being…

Belgrade Serbia Fortress Wall

Defining Your Goals: 8 Reflective Questions To Keep You On Track

Pairs Well With… Goals + Intention + Motivation + Self-Reflection Any football lover knows that halftime, the mid-game break that fills us with energy and fires us up for the second half, is just as important as the game itself.  Besides, in the second half it’s ALWAYS go big or go home – a no…