This year alone, I’ve traveled to 20 countries and 6 continents.  I think it’s safe to say I’ve covered a lot of ground.  I live for the moments that you can’t put into words, the kind that money can’t buy.

Needless to say, while I’ve been galavanting around the globe and living abroad, I’ve changed – because travel changes who you are.  It shapes your thinking, ignites your creativity and awakens your soul.

So, what are you waiting for? Remember, you can always make more money.  You can’t get time back.

Maipo valley vineyard Chile

A Day Trip to Chile’s Maipo Wine Valley

One of the things I’ve come to appreciate this year, as far as wine is concerned, is the difference in each country’s wine regions, especially Maipo Valley.  But, Carin, can you really tell the difference in region simply tasting the wine?  I mean how many wine regions does one actually visit in the year.  Five.  I’ve…

Maisys baltimore crab cakes

Crab Crawl in Charm City: Baltimore’s Top 10 Crab Dishes

Baltimore: small city, big charm. So maybe that’s why Baltimore is known as Charm City? As the story goes, the name Charm City came from a 1970s ad exec brainstorm in an effort to enhance the city’s image and attract tourism. Well, it worked, and the name stuck, bringing boatloads of people to witness the city’s continued evolution. When I think…

hotel downtown travel

Dining, Drinking & Last Minute Travel to Birmingham

The fun thing about life is that it’s full of surprises. Sometimes life presents us with the opportunity for an unplanned vacation (don’t we all love when that happens?!) or last-minute work trip. Who says you can’t find yourself unexpectedly in Birmingham, Alabama, for a few days, in which case you’ll need a place to…

Chiang Rai Thailand

The Ebbs & Flows of Long-Term Travel

It’s nearly 2 am, and I can’t sleep.  My mind is preoccupied as I reflect on what is now the last eight weeks or so of my trip.  Have I really been gone ten months already?  It feels like just yesterday I left Minneapolis.  In fact, I remember it so distinctly.  Then again, I guess…

Mendoza Wine Guide: 3 Days, 3 Nights

Most of us dream of places like Mendoza: beautiful mountains, peaceful countryside and handsome winemakers (maybe that’s just me?).  But let’s not forget about the wine itself, especially Mendoza’s most notable, the Malbec. I spent last weekend in Mendoza (rough, I know), an area I’ve wanted to explore for some time.  I’ve been to many…

wine pairing cheese pairs well with

Best Wine Bars in Palermo

At some point, shortly after my arrival to Buenos Aires, my mind automatically shifted to wine. Why? Well, take for instance the fact that I lived in Asia for four months where trying to find a good glass of wine was harder than hanging out with herds of elephants.  (Yes, I did, in fact, do…

Beer Spa Bernard Prague Pairs Well With

Hip Hops Hooray: My Beer Bath Interview in Prague

Splashing around in boozy baths is my thing, so when I discovered something called a beer bath in Prague, it became a must-try.  Being the maximizer I am, I combined my “21 Questions” game like interview with Life and Purpose Coach Amanda Davila and bath time. Soaking in hops, drinking a few cold brews and answering…

Marrakech Morocco Herb Spice Market

I Felt The Rains Down in Africa (Days 1-2)

Earlier this week on Pairs Well With… I shared my day three through five experiences in Marrakech, most of which were quite enjoyable.  It was the first couple days that hit the hardest. Maybe it was the intense culture shock, extreme heat, or maybe I was all in my head.  Regardless, things did not jive….

I Felt The Rains Down In Africa (Days 3 & 4)

As I mentioned in the first part of this story, I decided to write it backward for a number of different reasons, the most important being that I left Marrakech on so much more of a positive note than when I arrived. The middle few days in Africa yielded laughs, adventure and new friends and brought…

Atlas Mountains Hike Morocco Africa waterfall

I Felt The Rains Down in Africa (Day 5)

The way my trip to Africa unfolded was unexpected. It was sure as hell no Four Seasons trip. Before leaving Lisbon for Marrakech, I knew I wanted as much of an authentic, localized experience as possible and, like it or not, that’s exactly what I got. Overall, the trip was bittersweet, with many manic and…