What if every meal could taste better by pairing it just right?  Say, the perfect glass of wine?  You know, liquid love in a fancy, stemmed glass?

Enjoy a heightened dining experience with these food and wine pairing suggestions, recipes and handpicked global wine recommendations that accentuate the flavors of a meal and leave your taste buds satisfied – every time.

Mendoza Wine Guide: 3 Days, 3 Nights

Most of us dream of places like Mendoza: beautiful mountains, peaceful countryside and handsome winemakers (maybe that’s just me?).  But let’s not forget about the wine itself, especially Mendoza’s most notable, the Malbec. I spent last weekend in Mendoza (rough, I know), an area I’ve wanted to explore for some time.  I’ve been to many…

2018 food trend predictions whole foods

Top 10 2018 Food Trend Predictions

The moment we foodies have all been waiting for….2018 food trends.  Okay, maybe that’s just me.  Either way, I just read about 20 fascinating articles on what’s predicted to hit the shelves and make it’s way to your mouth next year.  Believe me when I say my jaw dropped.  My guess is yours will, too….

Thanksgiving dinner side dishes wine

Thanksgiving Side Dishes & Wine Pairings

Thanksgiving is a foodie’s dream holiday.  Well, one of the most notable food holidays of the year anyway. Yes, we love turkey day, but it’s really all about the sides, isn’t it? Every year, I look forward to the many side dishes that surround my slices of turkey as well as the other critical must-haves: stretchy…

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Best Wine Bars in Palermo

At some point, shortly after my arrival to Buenos Aires, my mind automatically shifted to wine. Why? Well, take for instance the fact that I lived in Asia for four months where trying to find a good glass of wine was harder than hanging out with herds of elephants.  (Yes, I did, in fact, do…

pairs well with malbec

Malbec & Meal Pairings

Malbec, Argentina’s claim to fame wine, is a go-to choice for both pairings and stand-alone sipping.  I suppose it’s a great thing that I’m living in Argentina for the next two months, isn’t it?  Malbec and I are bound to take our relationship to the next level and make some great memories during the time…

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10 Truths About Love & Wine ❤️ 🍷

Wine is liquid love in a fancy glass.  There is something lovely about curling up with a glass of red on a chilly evening and taking in the flavors of my favorite wine regions, a couple of which I’m about to move to over coming months.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited…

Beef noodle Pho

Oh, The Places You’ll Phở

Pairs Well With…Chopsticks + Culture in a Bowl + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner You. Yeah, you. The one thinking “Doesn’t she know that phở is pronounced FA (not FO)?”  Well, yes, yes I do.  But let’s be honest, the annunciation as FO lends itself to many more jokes.  So, for the sake of humoring myself, bear with…

Valentine’s Day Bacon Bouquets

Pairs Well With… Red wine + a little romance + a lot of bacon         Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, my friends. It’s the time of year where we start thinking about what stops we’ll pull out to impress the one we love. I used to be the person who…

energy bites pairs well with pumpkin

Fall Energy Bites: Pecan Pumpkin, Lemon Poppyseed & Butterscotch

After a week of running out the door a day late and a dollar short, not to mention practically starving on the days I didn’t get around to the grocery store, I carved out an hour of my Sunday morning to do weekly breakfast prep. I was tired of having the same day-to-day internal debate…

Football Finger Foods

Pairs Well With… Football + Friends + Fall  NOW FEATURING: Cheeseburger Bites Baked Fried Pickles Hot Dish on a Stick   This weekend was a football trifecta for me: the Gophers, the Cyclones, and the Minnesota Vikings. I attended my first Gophers game on a nice, sunny Saturday afternoon.  For as many times as I’d been…