Minnesota Vikings Players & Restaurant Pairings

It’s the last game of the regular season, and I couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead for the Minnesota Vikings.  I’ve been a Vikings season ticket holder now for eleven seasons.  Eleven. Seasons.  Every Sunday, I relish my early morning wake up calls filled with game day rituals, high hopes and extreme amounts of purple.  The commitment to this team is one that hasn’t waivered while I’ve been traveling the world this year. Don’t believe me?  Well, I am writing you from Lima, Peru as I live stream this game and soak up the energy – from the other side of the screen.

This season has been a priceless one.  I had this feeling in my gut before leaving on my travels that this year would be our year.  So, even abroad, my dedication to staying tuned in remained strong.  I mean, I did watch weekly games in four different countries.  (Like I said, dedication doesn’t waiver.)  However, prior to leaving Minnesota, there were a lot of year-long wardrobing decisions that needed to be made on the upfront.  While many items were debated, two were not: my Vikings t-shirt and my purple Reebok shoes.  If there’s one thing I do miss, it’s watching games with friends and other fans in Minnesota.

In the spirit of playoffs, I thought it might be fun to do a little digging into a few of the player’s favorite foods, restaurants, and food-related media over the last year, and pair those with some great places to eat in the Twin Cities!  Whether you’re a long time Vikings fan or coming into town for the playoff game on the 14th, check out these hot spots to eat based on your favorite player.

Stefon diggs minnesota vikings
Stefon Diggs Minnesota Vikings
Buffalo Chicken Wings

Stefon Diggs spent some time last year serving up wings to fans.  There are a TON of great wing hot spots to check out including:

Brian Robison minnesota Vikings
Brian Robison Minnesota Vikings
fish seafood

Brian Robison knows a great catch, both in football and on the lake fishing.  Looking for some great sushi or fish and chips?  You might want to try:

everson griffen minnesota vikings
Everson Griffen Minnesota Vikings
Cheeseburger hamburger

Last year, Everson Griffen talked about how much he loved Red Cow’s burgers on “5 on the Go.” (Oh yes, me too!  They are the best.) Besides, who doesn’t love a good burger once in a while, especially the Minneapolis staple, the Jucy Lucy?  Here are your burger quick hits:

adam thielen minnesota vikings
Adam Thielen Minnesota Vikings
corn on the cob

Adam wasn’t shy about sharing that his favorite Minnesota State Fair food was sweet corn and not cheese curds like many guessed on Twitter. Finding amazing corn-based entrees, side dishes and other treats isn’t so hard in a Midwestern city like Minneapolis! Try these recos, many of which have gluten-free options:

case keenum minnesota vikings
case keenum minnesota vikings

When Case sees a clear shot, he takes it, whether that means throwing a long pass to a receiver at the end of the field or nabbing fowl during hunting season.  Here are a handful of restaurants where you can get your game on:

  • Duck Pate Bánh Mì at 112 Eatery (Downtown)
  • Duck Burger at Republic (Multiple locations)
  • Duck Confit & Scallop Tacos at Sanctuary (Downtown)
andrew sendejo Minnesota Vikings
andrew sendejo minnesota vikings

Andrew Sendejo decided to give back during the bye week this season in the form of food by becoming a Bite Squad driver for the evening.  He is rumored to enjoy Chipotle, Qdoba and Mexican food in general.  (A man after my own heart.)  If anyone knows the hot spots for the best Mexican, it’s me, so here we go:

One last thing before I leave you!  While I was doing my research for this piece, I came across a little someone special named Obadiah Gamble. Those of you who have a pulse on all things Vikings have probably heard of him and have seen his video Hey, Teddy, a video invitation for Teddy Bridgwater to his birthday party.  (It’s seriously the cutest!) I was able to chat with Obadiah, another passionate Vikings fan, while in Lima about his thoughts on all thing food, players, and playoffs!

Pretty good right?  Energized for the playoffs yet?  Well, you should be because it’s our time to shine! Let’s go show them what we’ve got.  Every little bit of it!

purple shoes

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or endorsed by the Minnesota Vikings or the team’s players.  Images are not representative of restaurant offerings.

Contributor: Obadiah Gamble

When Obadiah was just a toddler, he developed the nickname Joy Boy, because he brought so much joy to those around him. He has always loved music and sports. But especially football. And especially the Minnesota Vikings. For his 7th birthday, he wrote a song inviting Teddy Bridgewater (the quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings at the time) to his birthday party. Teddy was so taken by the joy Obadiah brought, that he came! Teddy’s kindness and Obadiah’s joy were the perfect combination which led to many news stories and eventually led Obadiah to a two year, Emmy award-winning news segment on Kare11 as a sports analyst with reporter Jana Shortal. He has also dropped the puck for the Minnesota Wild, which led to being invited to a practice with Nino Niederreiter, and he has sung the National Anthem for a number of sporting events around town. When he’s not watching sports or playing Madden 17, he loves making music on Auxy. Still living up to his name, he continues to spread joy wherever he goes.

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