How To Cure Every Holiday Hangover

‘Tis the season for decking the halls, blasting Mariah Carey, and consuming as much food and alcohol as your liver can handle. But while raging at a holiday party can make for some hilarious stories to start the New Year with…it can also make you feel like S#!T the next morning.
Sure, you can chug water and go for a spin class to kick your mulled-wine-and-Christmas-cookie hangover to the curb, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, try one of these wellness-friendly hangover cures that will get you off of your couch (I repeat: Step away from the Kardashians) and give you a very, very good excuse to spend an entire day on a well-deserved wellness retreat.
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If You Got Wasted On Egg Nog At The Company Holiday Party

Treat Yourself To A Lymphatic Drainage Massage.  After sending your cute coworker an “I’m sorry for trying to smooch you under the mistletoe” text (and putting your “OUT OF OFFICE” on until further notice), get your butt to the nearest spa, stat. Lymphatic Drainage massages help flush out toxins, and calm your sympathetic nervous system, aka the source of your hangover-anxiety. Plus, an hour on the massage table will help you totally forget about all of the embarrassing stuff you did last night. Promise.

If You’re In A Day Long, Christmas Ham-Induced Food Hangover… 

Try An Infrared Spa. “Sweat Spas,” aka fancy saunas that use heat and lights, have become overwhelmingly popular in the last year or so, mostly because of their insane health benefits (and the fact that they make for some pretty great Instagram shots). Infrared spas have all kinds of body-positive benefits (at least according to the people who sell them…) including detoxification, weight loss, skin rejuvenation, pain relief and stress relief, and can burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes. If your bod is feeling extra bloated from holidays heavy on salt and alcohol, the best thing you can do is chug a lot of water (and I do mean a LOT), and then treat yourself to a sweat sesh.
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If You Drank Too Much Wine While Watching Love, Actually and sent a “HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!” Text To Your Ex 6 Days Before The Actual New Year…

Try Crystal Therapy.  It may sound totally out-there (and I, too, am hesitant to get on board with anything Spence Pratt endorses enthusiastically), but crystal therapy really does work as a cure for hangovers. In fact, I actually tried it out last year, and was blown away by how amazing I felt after lying on a table with a bunch of #blessed rocks on me for 25 minutes. “Crystals help move energy through the body the way acupuncture does. It helps your inner organs run better, which can be reflected in the skin,” said Susan Ciminelli, a New York City esthetician and my own personal crystal guru. “When your body runs more efficiently and at a higher vibrational level, your body will heal itself more easily.” Crystals can also help reset the energy in your heart chakra (looking at you, rose quartz), so it can actually help you feel better and more clear about whatever’s going on with your ex, without having to throw your phone into a river.

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If Your NYE Dancing Shoes Got The Best Of You…

Try A Reflexology Pedicure. A booze-fueled New Years Eve filled with debauchery and dancing your ass off is hands down the best way to start the year… until you wake up the next day and realize that after 7+ hours of teetering on stilettos, you can hardly walk to the fridge to get yourself a much-needed bottle of water. Instead of text-begging everyone you know to come over and “pleasseeeeeee” trade foot massages, head to a local nail salon and opt for one of the more massage-heavy pedicures. If it’s offered, opt for something with a reflexology element, which won’t only help your dogs stop barking but will make the rest of your body fall in line, too. There are a few theories about how reflexology actually works, but it basically uses pressure points on your feet to help cure ailments in your other organs (it either has something to do with your central nervous system, your energy flow, or both). So theoretically, a 20-minute rubdown can help heal your feet and your headache, without ever even having to pop and Advil.
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If Literally Everything Hurts

Try Hydrotherapy. Whether it’s taking a dip into a spa jacuzzi, steam room, or, if you’re really hungover, the cold pool, getting into some water can help increase circulation and toxin elimination (and, in the case of the cold pool, sober you the F up quickly). And if you can’t get to a spa, you can #treatyoself to a hydrotherapy day at home by pouring a cold bath with a few drops of eucalyptus, or soak in a warm one with some bath salts. Maybe skip the bathtub wine, just this once, though. Your liver will thank you.

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