Christmas Cookies & Wine Pairings

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.  Everything in the city is lined with twinkle lights, Christmas music is blaring in every retail store (super win when it’s NSYNC’s Home for the Holidays album) and people tend to be happy all around.  The holiday brings about old traditions, one of which is baking Christmas cookies with friends or family.

Growing up, my Mom, sister and I would dedicate a day to make dozens of spritz cookies, mainly because they are one of the easiest cookies to make and stretch for a crowd.  I looked forward to my mom loading the cookie gun (because I couldn’t be bothered to get my hands dirty or risk them getting stained by the red and green food coloring) and, from there, firing little tiny gingerbread men onto a cookie sheet and decorating them like a regular Picasso. There was always an artistic vision to my cookie making.

Christmas cookies gingerbread man baking

It wasn’t until two years ago that I attended one of the holiday’s most cherished events: the cookie exchange.  One of my girlfriends, known for being the hostess with the most-est type, invited me over for an afternoon of sipping bubbly and bartering in cookies.  It was a ton of fun, as one could imagine.  You could easily tell who the bakers in the group were because the cookie detailing far surpassed my baking 101 skill level.  None the less, old-school cookie favorites never go out of style and novelty cookies pique interest, which is why I’ve put together a great mix of holiday treat recipes across skill levels.

So, whether you’re baking for the office, your family or the upcoming cookie exchange, here are a few tasty recipes to help your batch stand out in the crowd.  Want to really impress this year?  Take your cookie exchange to the next level and turn it into a wine tasting event! I’ve paired each of these recipes with a wine varietal or two.  Make sure to work your way to the bottom of the post for the Christmas cookie and wine pairing infographic so your pairings are on point!

Holiday Butter Spritz Cookies

Pairs Well With…an oaked Chardonnay. Why?  The creaminess of the oaked Chardonnay (versus an unoaked Chardonnay) will bring forth all the best flavors of the cookie, especially since they aren’t frosted. I love the butterscotch notes in oaked Chardonnay, so why not highlight those in the cookie, too?

holiday spritz cookies baking wine

Photo Credit: If You Give A Blonde A Kitchen

Gingerbread Cookies

Pairs Well With… Riesling, but one that leans on the dryer versus sweet side.  Dry Riesling still holds a lot of flavor without being overly fruit forward, enough to cut through and supplement the strong flavor of a ginger or molasses cookie.

gingerbread cookies christmas baking wine

Photo Credit: Cooking Classy

Eggnog Macarons

Pairs Well With… Cuvee sparkling wine to bring out the creamy richness in both the cookie and wine.  Macaron pairings should be tailored to the flavor of the macaron when possible.  When in doubt, unless it’s a chocolate macaron, pair with something white or sparkling.

macarons baking christmas cookies wine

Photo Credit: Baking Sense

Cutout Sugar Cookies

Pairs Well With… Prosecco.  Like frosting is to sugar cookies, bubbles are to wine – at least in this case.  They are a little something extra without stealing the show.

christmas cookie baking wine

Photo Credit: Life, Love & Sugar

Hot Chocolate Cookies

Pairs Well With… Pinot Noir or, if you want to up your pairing game, Bonarda.  (I’ll be dropping a Bonarda wine piece soon.  Mark my words, it will be your new favorite wine.)  This specific recipe doesn’t call for dark chocolate chips so something on the fruitier and less dry side will be a nice accompaniment.

christmas cookie wine pairing hot chocolate

Photo Credit: Love From the Oven

Christmas White Chocolate-Dipped Rice Krispie Treats

Pairs Well With… Bubbles!  Since these dreamy desserts lean rich, a nice, crisp bubbly like a brut pair well together.

rice krispie treats christmas baking

Photo Credit: The Kitchen Is My Playground

Soft Peanut Butter Cookies

Pairs Well With… Port.  The richness of both the port and peanut butter make this an already great pairing.  When you add the salt from the nut butter and the sweetness from the port, you get a great sweet-salty combo – and we know how big of a hit that ends up being!

peanut butter cookies baking christmas

Photo Credit: Live Well Bake Often

Christmas Cookie & Wine Pairing Infographic

christmas cookie baking dessert infographic

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      Oh my goodness! The spritz with a Chardonnay and little sugar sprinkles is perfection.

  1. Susan

    This is fantastic! In the stress of the holiday season, who doesn’t sit down with a glass of wine and a Christmas cookie. Pinning!

  2. Alissa Schrank

    Just sent your post to my sister-in-law who is a wine merchant. We will definitely be using these ideas for Christmas!


      You’re amazing!!! Maybe there’s a live event component or a collaboration in our future?!? 😀🍷


      Same here! I’m thinking about deviating from my standard spritz cookies and trying my hand at one of the more challenging ones!


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