2017 Holiday Gift Subscriptions Guide

This year, the holidays will look a little bit different for me.  Actually, who am I kidding?  They are going to look a lot different.  There won’t be any cold or snow but rather beaches and sun as I celebrate Christmas this year in Santiago, Chile.  My #giftgivinggoals will consist of internet browsing and ordering, yet all my gifts still need to be perfect and personal.

Recently, I came across a few really cool gift subscriptions and began thinking to myself, “I totally want someone to send this to me!”  So, with that, I started a list of unique and fun subscriptions that will give your giftee something to look forward to for one month – or twelve.  So, if you can’t decide what purchases to make or don’t want to deal with the hassle of crowds and stores, try the subscription route which still offers a fun element of surprise and a good deal of personalization.

For the Wine Lover

Wine Down Box

Nothing screams pairs well with more than a wine and cheese pairing box, right?  And, if you know me at all, you know that I adore great wine and tasty cheeses, even better if they are paired together, which is precisely why this box is on the list.  Each box includes wine, cheese, charcuterie and other goodies at a reasonable price. With options for 1, 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions, you can find something for everyone, including yourself.

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Bright Cellars

If I had a way to curate all the best wines from my year abroad for you, I most certainly would.  Until I figure out how to make that happen, I’m gonna need to leave that to the pros.  Bright Cellars places emphasis on curating wines from some of my favorite wine regions including South America, Portugal and Italy, all regions I’ve been fortunate enough to taste in this year.  Give the gift of worldly wine this holiday season.

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For the Whiskey Lover

Taster’s Club

Coming at you from Minneapolis is Taster’s Club, a membership club for the discerning spirits drinker.  They help drinkers across America take their game to the next level by sending them a fantastic bottle every month along with rich, informational material so they can learn all about what they’re drinking.

Made for spirits fans, by spirits fans, Taster’s Club specializes in giving a 360º experience in whiskey, scotch, bourbon, rum, tequila, vodka and gin.  The best part?  Pairs Well With… readers get 20% off their first month when they use the code PairsWellWith!  

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For the Foodie

Farm to People

Farm to People has one mission, and it’s a strong one: to make it easy to discover & buy from small-batch artisanal producers.  Everything they feature in their tasting boxes is handcrafted in the USA with great ingredients and unique flavor.  With items like bacon marmalade, bourbon cocktail cherries and crack cookies, among many other delights, your gift will top ’em all!

Pairs Well With… readers get 15% off when they use the code WELCOME15!  Don’t forget to buzz by their site between Black Friday and Cyber Monday for their 20% site wide sale.

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This company has a ton subscription boxes, and I’m not kidding.  We’re talking bacon club, gelato sundae club, cheese club….hungry yet?  However, it’s their Culinary Adventure Society club that I love the most.  Why?  They curate items from their on-the-road foodie excursions into each month’s box, not to mention a three-month subscription is a reasonably priced.

Jerky Snob

Some snacks, we just can’t get enough of – like jerky!  Jerky Snobs sources high-quality jerky without the yucky stuff from all over the country.  Each month, you can expect different bags and flavors in each box.  This jerky doesn’t play and keeps you fueled and fired up throughout the day.

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For the Caffeine Craver

Craft Coffee

Give a java jolt to that person in your life who loves their morning Joe!  Craft Coffee offers monthly subscriptions and even helps you pick out beans and blends that your giftee will love.  They pride themselves on offering a selection of coffee at grocery store prices.  Don’t believe it?  They even have a guarantee to back it up.

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For the Sweet Tooth

Dana’s Bakery

Another love of mine?  Macarons – and this monthly macaron club looks like a dream!  Each month, you get a selection of Dana’s classic flavors plus the macaron flavor of the month.  ‘Tis the season to be merry and munch on macarons.

Lots of good options here, right?  Yeah, I thought so, too.  Now, it’s a matter of who gets what.  Whatever you do this holiday season, at least give yourself the gift of easy!

20 Responses to “2017 Holiday Gift Subscriptions Guide”

  1. Jen Radke

    Great ideas! I have bookmarked this to come back to. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the holidays in Chile.

    • pairswellwith@gmail.com

      Thank you! Stay in touch and let me know what you end up purchasing! I’m excited to hear what everyone gravitates to!

  2. Jenn

    I love subscriptions! My husband got a Loot Crate one for his birthday. It was so exciting to see what they stuffed it with each month!

    • pairswellwith@gmail.com

      There’s something fun about the anticipation of receiving. With past subscriptions, its gave me a mid-month treat.

    • pairswellwith@gmail.com

      These are fantastic! I really appreciate you sending. Looking forward to checking them out!

  3. Aly Halbakken

    I love this. I am in college and will be spending the holidays across the country, so order is how I am going to do my gifts this year too. Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. Micaela @MindfulMomma

    I love gift subscriptions – for both giving and getting! The Farm to People one sounds amazing!

    • pairswellwith@gmail.com

      That’s one I’m hopeful to see at my doorstep this year or early next! They’ve got really great user reviews, too!

    • pairswellwith@gmail.com

      That’s the way I approach it, too! I would never put any item on here that I wouldn’t love to receive myself!

  5. Louise

    Such great ideas, I love all of them. IM always so lost when I have to find presents for my parents, grandparents and my husbands, so thank you lots for this blog post 😀

    • pairswellwith@gmail.com

      Of course! I’d be interested to hear what you land on. Do keep me posted!

    • pairswellwith@gmail.com

      Sure thing! This piece started as a potential gift giving list solely for myself, but then I figured others might be able to benefit!


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