Should You Become An Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is hard.  It doesn’t come with an instruction manual (though it should), and YOU are the one who has to make all the decisions.  The weight of the world sits quietly on your shoulders whispering, “Don’t mess up” in the moments when you don’t know what to do.  The decision making piece of it all and the whole “getting it right” mentality is enough to scare the crap out of most of us and steer us towards something more normal, stable – or at least consistent.   And then there’s those of us who decide to take our chances anyway.

It’s one of those days at the office, and you’re wishing you are anywhere else in the world (perhaps with me here in Argentina?!) doing anything other than what you’re doing.  Your mind wanders to what you “should” be doing with your life, which leads to why you haven’t done already done said shoulds in the first place.  Your boss swings by asking for an update on something you couldn’t give a rat’s ass about when inside your mind you think, “I can’t do this job anymore.”  (For the record, I’m 1,000% confident that I’m not the only person who has ever felt this way.  Am I right?!)

You decide you want to become an entrepreneur and put your mad skills to the test.

It’s time to go make it rain.

So, you do that one thing you’ve been fantasizing about for so long.


And then reality sinks in once you’re in the midst of all the mess, wearing all the hats of the business and seeing what it really takes to get shit done.  I’m here to tell you the struggle is real and the hustle is no joke.

You see your dreams within arm’s reach and feel alive again from letting go of things that don’t serve you.

Reality kicks in: you are now an entrepreneur.

The hardest, and most immediate, challenge you face is the questions from others who can’t seem to get their head around the fact that you are going to build a business.

But more so, they want to know what you’re ACTUALLY going to do with your life.

What you find out quickly, usually the hard way, is that there are business owner tasks that never even crossed your mind.  You find yourself doing things that you didn’t sign up for but are forced to wade your way through anyway because there’s no looking back now.

And your friends will (endlessly) continue to ask how your business is coming along, to which you reply…

…as you watch operational costs eat up your bank account, but continue to tell yourself that you’re going to make it…one day.

But what you do know is true is that you have the willpower and dedication to succeed as an entrepreneur.  Therefore, you won’t fail, at least not entirely.  Failure moments will turn into critical learnings, which will only make your business stronger.  Ultimately, you will continue fighting tooth and nail for what you want – because that’s just who you are.  You learn that what you initially started out building may ebb and flow from your initial direction, but hey, you’re learning more than you ever thought possible, which is a success story by itself.

Starting a business (no matter the level of success) is never a lost cause.  (I should know, this is my third.)

Before quitting my job almost a year ago, I had a conversation with a senior and well-respected leader at my company.  I shared with him my plan of resigning, traveling and taking my work on the road with me for a year.  Here I was hoping he’d be a voice of reason and tell me the ledge I was about to jump from was dangerous and steep, perhaps even fatal.  But he didn’t.  In fact, his response was, “Go do it.  You’ve got it in you.  Besides, you’re going to get developed far more by building a business over the next year than you will here in the next five.”  And that was all I needed to hear to start running towards a business plan and a new life.

So, to anyone out there contemplating starting a business or a side hustle, chasing a dream or even just trying something new: just do it.  You’re always more capable than you realize.

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7 Responses to “Should You Become An Entrepreneur?”


      Thanks, Wayne! I feel it’s important to share the “real deal” to being an entrepreneur. It’s not always as shiny as people think, though there are many upsides!

  1. Natacha

    Ha your GIFS are perfect!! Thanks for writing this! And really encouraging to hear that even your senior in corporate land was on board with the idea. I have a good corporate job but it’s just…not fulfilling.


      Totally get it! And fulfillment is what I needed because you can’t get time back.

  2. Jess B.

    Haha thank you for writing this (and for using awesome GIFs)! I am working to build a brand/business now and still working my full time day job…hoping to take that same leap sooner rather than later 🙂 Everyady is an emotional roller coaster…


      Admittedly, what I had intended to write took a completely different turn, and this turned into a message about letting others into the true up, downs and mindset. Keep reaching and I have all the confidence you will get there. If I can help in any way, please let me know!


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