10 Truths About Love & Wine ❤️ 🍷

Wine is liquid love in a fancy glass.  There is something lovely about curling up with a glass of red on a chilly evening and taking in the flavors of my favorite wine regions, a couple of which I’m about to move to over coming months.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for my next continent.

People have begun to ask what, specifically, in South America, I’m most excited for.  The music? The men?  The dancing?  No, people…the wine.  If you’ll recall, I spent my first four months in Asia, which was remarkable in every way but trying to find a glass of good wine was about as easy as learning Cyrillic. It just doesn’t happen. And now in Europe, I’ve had access to good wines, some better than others, but sometimes you never really know what you’re going to get – unless, of course, you’re somewhere in Italy, but more on that in another post.

Florence Italy wine pairs well with carin skowronsky

My trip to Florence was one of my favorites!

Over the years, I’ve taken a big interest in wine, specifically wine pairing. Why?  Well, because pairing your food and your adult juice makes your meal experience that much better.  The way I see it, there are always two ways to dine: 1) you can have a food and wine experience independent of one another (also known as a subpar and lackluster dining experience) or 2) you can amp up your meal experience so that each bite is delectable, leaving you feeling satisfied so there’s no late night snacking.  It’s an easy choice, really.  I just love when a meal experience is damn near perfect.

Speaking of love, I was discussing my affinity for wine with a handful of fellow traveler friends last week. The conversation went something (more or less) like this:


Friend: But I don’t quite understand how people can love wine so much?

Me: I don’t understand how you don’t understand.

Friend: It’s like everyone on this planet is obsessed.  Girls have nights centered around it…you pair food and meals with it…there are events about it…

Me: Well, there’s a reason wine regions exist…on every continent we’re traveling to.  The thing about wine is that it brings people together.  It’s a bonding experience and, somehow, it unites people around the globe for friendship, food, conversation – and a good buzz if you’re doing it right.  There are a lot of commonalities between love and wine if you really think about it.

And so I did.  I came home two glasses razzed on what I was told was a French Merlot (I don’t buy it) and mapped out the top ten parallels between love and wine:

  1. Love makes you a better person.

    It asks you to let your guard down, trust and let go.  It encourages you to show the hidden sides of yourself that not many see.  Wine encourages the same sort of thing.  Case in point ⬇️

  2. Love can get tricky and complicated. 

    Wine has its moments, too. (Don’t tell me you haven’t had that moment where you’re trying to MacGyver your wine bottle like its do or die.)

  3. Love comes in all colors, shapes and sizes.

    Like wine, has the power to affect each of us differently.

  4. Love grows deeper and more meaningful over time.

    The best wines do their time, too.

  5. Love is at its finest when two people bring out the best in one another.

    Wine has the ability to bring out the best flavors in a meal.

  6. Love is more than a feeling.

    It’s also an action.  And wine drinking is actionable.

  7. Love is full, rich and robust.

    Just like the finest red wines I know.

  8. Love is unconditional.

    Wine gives unconditionally.

  9. Love focuses on quality over quantity.

    Wouldn’t you rather have one glass of small production fine wine over a bottle of Boone’s Farm?!

  10. Love requires attention.

    The best wines require time, love and tenderness. (Yep, happened.)

See, there you have it.  Love and wine really do go hand in hand. Cheers and happy drinking!



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  1. Dawn Marie

    So you had me at your first line…wine is like liquid love in a fancy glass! I am soooooo using this quote! (And I promise to give you credit!) Hugs to you for making my day, with one personal life-describing sentence!


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