Ready For Takeoff: One Year Abroad

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Sometimes we need to hit reboot, even in our lives.  Change not only keeps things fresh but keeps us alert, so we’re not allowing life to pass us by.  There’s nothing less satisfying than finding yourself riding in the passenger’s seat of your own life and dictated by other people and things that don’t make you happy.  The choice is yours.

Even I, Ms. Take Big Chances, never thought I would be bold or brave enough to make a move THIS big.

But I am…

…as in overseas, twelve international cities, across three continents kinda big…


Earlier this fall, I applied to a program called Remote Year along with 300,000 other applicants because it sounded like a dream opportunity to work abroad and allowed for exponential personal growth.  But also because the odds that I would actually get in would be 0.000003% and the likelihood that a) Remote Year would have an interest in me b) I would get through their interview process and c) be accepted was pretty much slim to none.  So why the hell not?

But then, I was accepted. 

And, despite trying to fight it, I knew without question in my heart that I would go. 

Living abroad is something I’ve longed for.

The decision to go, while initially easy, has been quite bittersweet.  I didn’t anticipate the hardship of the hurdles I’ve had to jump, stress I’ve needed to manage and tough decisions I’ve had to make to seize this opportunity.  On the contrary, I could not have imagined I would feel so alive and ecstatic to embark on a remarkable, new journey.

The exact decision-making moment came down to choosing between whether I’d rather be working, if even exhaustively, towards where my heart lies or mindlessly coasting, being complacent and living in a safety bubble.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m choosing to follow my heart (and warm weather all year ’round), and will do so from these countries:

  • February: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • March: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • April: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • May: Bangkok, Thailand
  • June: Belgrade, Serbia
  • July: Lisbon, Portugal
  • August: Prague, Czech Republic
  • September: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • October: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • November: Cordoba, Argentina
  • December: Santiago, Chile
  • January: Lima, Peru


To say “this is a big life change” is an understatement.  Moving abroad is a complete life overhaul with a lot of uncertainties, some that may or may not be as great as others, and I get that.  I look forward to having invaluable experiences, immersing myself in different cultures and sharing my adventures on Pairs Well With… 

What I am most excited about is FINALLY being able to share my excitement and this news with each of YOU!  I invite you to follow along on this new chapter of my journey.


Ready for takeoff January 27th, 2017!

First stop abroad: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

13 Responses to “Ready For Takeoff: One Year Abroad”

  1. Tricia Rowe

    I’m so glad this has worked out for you. I know that you will make big changes in this world I can feel it in my soul!


      Thanks Tricia! Me too. And thank you for believing in my capabilities.

  2. Christine

    Congratulations! This is an incredible opportunity that I know you’ll take full advantage of.


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