Random Acts of Holiday Kindness

Pairs Well With…Holidays + Kindness + A Giving Spirit

Everything about the holidays excites me: cookies with sprinkles, festive parties with friends, the upbeat Christmas carols.  I feel extra sparkly the whole season long, and that’s not just because I wore something sparkly every day for a week and coined it “The Seven Days of Sparkles”…but it is a thing. What I love most about the season is being able to put a smile on someone else’s face – especially when they least expect it.

The holidays seem to be a time when people look to do something nice for one another. In the spirit of giving, I compiled a list of ways to spread acts of kindness this holiday season:

CUPPA JAVA – Buy a soldier his or her morning java.  Coffee shops like Caribou Coffee are offering a program during the holidays where you can purchase a cup for the next soldier that comes in seeking their morning jolt.  Caribou will anonymously deliver on your behalf!

GIVE A GRANOLA – On chilly nights like tonight, it’s hard to think that someone may not have a place to go or food to eat.  Carry a handful of granola bars in your bag to help keep someone’s belly full.

PLEASANT POSTAL – Send a warm and fuzzy holiday greeting to someone you’ve not connected with in a while.  The surprise of hearing from you is like giving the gift of a smile.

SOUND THE SIRENS (with bad ass baked goods) – Whip up a batch of your favorite sweet treats and deliver to your local service officials with a letter of appreciation.

GET YOUR GRANNY ON – Spend time with someone older and wiser than you.  Share stories and swap life lessons.  It’s fun to learn from others, and spending time is a gift that money can’t buy.

MOTIVATIONAL MENTORING – You know that colleague who has been talking about how she’s “always wanted to do that” or friend who has been thinking of a career change? Give the gift of encouragement and support to help someone else reach their goals and dreams, and move in a better direction.  After all, encouragement costs nothing.

You get my drift…

Happy Holidays from me to YOU!  THANK YOU for your continued support and love for Pairs Well With…  It has truly been a blessed year!


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