If I Ruled The World

Pairs Well With… “If I Ruled The World” by Nas feat. Lauren Hill + CNN + Drink of Choice

It is Election Day, a day we celebrate our right to vote and represent our pride in our country. The political banter, memes and GIFs have kept us squabbling on Facebook and Twitter, and have left many of us like, “These are our choice candidates?!”

Had I thought about what I may bring to the table sooner, perhaps I would have started a rallying cry – and my own campaign.  The weeks leading up to the election had me jotting down what my promises to ‘Merica would look like as your leader:

A Champagne Campaign.  Bubbles for all.


Mac & Cheese Mondays.  Anything less is just not right.


To be a leader who knows how to drink fine wine and wear a pants suit.


Relief from paying a Wheelage Tax.  What the hell is this anyway?  Every year I pay for it and every year my anger compounds. Sorry, but I “don’t do” wheelage tax.  It has got to go. Time for a tax reform.

A master negotiator in trades.

Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” will be revived on radio stations other than just the oldies ones.  Jumbo Jumbo.

I know how to keep it real – like Missy and Michelle….

….and know how to make hard decisions, like when to change the channel.


My name is Carin, and I approved this message.

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