All The Pretty Things

Pairs Well With…”Turn! Turn! Turn!” by The Byrds

Unsure about what to write about this week, and perhaps even lacking a bit of inspiration, I decided to take a second and hit pause. There’s a lot going on. I needed to stop and smell the roses.  Literally.  Things are just moving way too fast.


Sometimes, when we move too fast, we miss things, important things and details. Things that we should be noticing.  Things that are right under our noses.


In an effort to slow down, I went out shooting photos and took a moment to appreciate the things I love best about fall: the leaves changing color, the crunch of the leaves under my feet and the slight chill in the air that signals its okay to put on my sweats and get ready to hunker down for the winter. 


It’s funny how sometimes the most ordinary things have such beauty.  I was running hill sprints and noticed these quite pretty heart shaped leaves in my path. Love is in the air!


So, this week, I give you simplicity and beauty, a moment to reflect, notice and appreciate all that is around you.  Be thankful.

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