In My Skin

Pairs Well With…A Carefree Attitude + Confidence + Big Smiles

There comes a time in each of our lives where we have a moment and “get it.”  We just get it.  We didn’t then, but we do now.

A couple of days ago, I had my very first blog photo shoot.  That, in and of itself, was exciting. It was also nerve-wracking and scary as hell.  Did I have the right outfits?  Would my hair look okay?  Could I avoid those triple chin poses and awkward angles that give the illusion I have bat wings for arms? Would my face look weird, or crunchie, or whatever people have called it over the years?  The crooked smile and Crunchie Face was something I was severely concerned about.  Like, big time.

Carin Pairs Well With Blog Photo shoot

Earlier this year, someone told me they loved the crinkle in my nose when I smile, and the way my lip curls slightly, making my smile asymmetrical.  I felt beautiful.  The realization that someone could love the physical things about me that I didn’t love and was an eye-opener – and a forever memorable moment.  These two traits are things that I had been made fun of for all my life and had been working to hide for years.

Carin Pairs Well With Blog Photo shoot cafe

A while after this conversation took place, I began to look back through old photos in search of Crunchie Face, without any real reason or purpose.  I assembled a collection from over the years and started flipping through them.  Thinking back to the words in this recent exchange, that’s when it happened – my lightbulb moment, my big realization.

Carin Pairs Well With Blog Photo shoot park

What I’ve been working so hard to disguise over the years are traits of happiness.

As I came to understand and appreciate my unique and individual beauty, I felt it was time to get this blog photo shoot I had been putting off for months on the books.

Time to shine bright, girl!

Carin Pairs Well With Blog Photo shoot park makeup

With just mascara, lip gloss and a touch of bronzer on, out the door I went into the sunset of Minneapolis not giving a damn.  Or any damns for that matter. Was I actually considering showing skin?  SKIN?!?!  Holy Hannah, we’ve got mid-drift!  This is big, huge, especially coming from the person whose arch nemesis is a swimsuit, regardless of how many pieces it is.

Carin Pairs Well With Blog Photo shoot bridge Minneapolis

Not caring what each shot looked like, or what my best angle was, I let my guard down for the camera and enjoyed myself.  Just being me, in my own skin, without seeking perfection, without criticizing myself.

Carin Pairs Well With Blog Photo shoot bridge Minneapolis

We all have things in ourselves that we don’t like, but our imperfections, our flaws, our asymmetricals…those things, those beautiful things are to be embraced, not hidden.

Be in love with your flaws.

The right people in your life will love you for you.

Carin Pairs Well With Blog Photo shoot Minneapolis

As I looked through the entire photo shoot reel, I saw happiness, radiance, and confidence. I felt dream chasing, goal-getting, and achievement.  Most importantly, I saw me for me – and I liked what I saw.  That’s me…happy!

Carin Pairs Well With Blog Photo shoot Minneapolis

Christine Photography Minneapolis Photographer

This amazingly fun photo shoot was captured by Christine Photography

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