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Pairs Well With…  A Side of Snark + Soapbox + Cranky pants + A Skinny Vanilla Latte

Today, I do not want to get out of bed.  I don’t want to deal with reality, and I certainly don’t want to adult. I don’t want to act bright and shiny when I’m not feeling sparkly, but I will anyway because maybe, eventually, I’ll catch onto my own mood.  Even the strongest of us have bad days, and the most positive can get exhausted.

Meanwhile, we keep our eye on the light at the end of the tunnel and know that what goes down must come back up. Until then, I’d love a few more hours of sleep, and coffee brought to me in bed when I wake up.  Like, for real. (Skinny vanilla lattes are preferable.)


How I felt when I realized I wasn’t going back to sleep…


Real talk is 1) I’m the only one capable of turning this ship around from “meh” to shore, in which case I’ll get my Captain Jack Sparrow on and handle tomorrow.  Tonight we ride.  2) It’s highly unlikely that anyone is going to bring me coffee in bed while I write, but a girl can dream.  As I sit here laying awake, I’m thinking about why I’m so cranky, angry, or whatever it is I’m feeling.  I’ll save you the tiny violins, do us all a favor and pick just one.



Hey!  That’s my jam…


Let’s start with my realization that a good percentage of the population lacks self-awareness.  Yes, I know there are bigger things to put my good, positive energy behind, but this has been bothering me off and on for a while – and I can’t shake it.  I want to be like, “People!  Get your sh*t together!  To-geth-er.”  There. I said it.

My day-to-day interactions, through conversations and reactions, reveal that people don’t take the time to figure themselves out.  Taking time to do just that is not only a necessity but one of the best things you can do for yourself.

So why don’t more people do it?  Especially if it leads to better relationships and more opportunities?

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, the big reveal (soapbox please): Because. It’s. Hard. Also, because our general population is rather lazy looking for shortcuts around every corner so they can spend more time playing Pokemon Go.  Let’s call it like it is.



The struggle is real


Do I think people spend time on getting to a “good enough” way of life? Absolutely.  But good enough isn’t actually good enough – it’s only halfway there.  Getting to great enough is where it’s at.  My sister tells me I’m more aware of my surroundings, with my ducks in a row, than most people. While we have our differences and approach life differently, I think she takes the cake on this one.  (Fist bump.)  It’s not because I lay in my bed ranting and demanding coffee.  It is because I’m out on the hustle, moving and shaking, making things happen, getting my “learn about myself” on.


Killin’ It


So what is this self-awareness you speak of?

In my eyes, it’s the lessons you learn along the way: what you take away from a situation, how you treat people in interactions and present yourself, knowing what you want and going after it, what works for you and what doesn’t, and who you’re giving your energies to in life.  Any or all of the above, it doesn’t matter where to focus your efforts but do something.





How did I become so wise beyond my years?
Opening my eyes.  Learning.  Paying attention.  It’s that simple.  What have I learned about myself?   Oh, where to even start.  I could share with you, but actually, none of that matters right now.  It’s what you’re learning about yourself.  Today is not about me; it’s about you.

Now, while I said I wouldn’t share about myself, I will offer a few clever tips for the duration of the day:

Retail therapy may change your attitude.  Case in point? My new purchases.


Everyone has bad days.  Figure out how to turn the ship around and bring it back. 


Leaving me a coffee on my doorstep in the morning is the right thing to do.


This blog post has been brought to you from the comfort of my bed, ass early and without coffee, but has hopefully solved all your life’s problems.

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