Top 10 First Date Ideas

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The overwhelming percentage of first dates usually falls into the category of one of these three: Dinner, Drinks, or Coffee.  Now I don’t consider coffee to really be a first date, more like a pre-interview to qualify for a first date.  Dinner and drinks are certainly dates, and good ones, but like coffee, they are basically exercises in sitting across from another person and interviewing them. And, because both the guy and the girl generally have a bit of a wall up on Date #1, that interview is sort of like a conversation that would take place in a jailhouse visitation center – it might as well be on the phone through glass.

So here are 10 first date ideas which are far better ways to not only have fun, but to get a little personality, a little history, and hopefully a lot of chemistry out of that potential love interest:

  1. Go to a comedy club or an improv show – there is plenty of space to talk before, during, and after – and at the very least you will laugh on that date, which is the best ingredient to letting loose.
  2. Play games – Miniature golf, ping pong, billiards, darts, arcades, etc… You will learn so much more about a person in the heat of a friendly competition – Are they good sports? Do they play fair? Are they good winners? – than you ever would just sitting and talking.
  3. Volunteering – It’s rewarding, bonding, and says a lot about that person’s character.
  4. Take a class – A painting class where they serve wine, a pottery class, a cooking class, even a dance lesson. All of these things are bonding yet casual experiences that let people’s creativity and imagination flow – important parts of a dating brain.
  5. Be a tourist– Go see something in your own city that you haven’t visited since you were a kid, or that you take for granted as a local. The enthusiasm and joy from the out-of-towners around you is infectious, which trickles down to your date.
  6. Be a sport – Go to a game! An NBA game, a pro football game, even a minor league baseball game; excitement, food,  rooting – the easiest way to bond with one person is to be surrounded by the passion of thousands of people.
  7. Bowling – There are two things that when done well or done badly are equally fun and entertaining – Bowling and Karaoke. They are about not being afraid to fail.  Perfect dating mindset.
  8. Ice Skating – If the guy is a better skater, there is something chivalrous about him helping her around the ice. If the girl is a better skater, there is something sweet about him trying to keep up. All good.
  9. Ice cream – Getting an ice cream is like a coffee date except sprinkled a huge helping of fun and personality. It’s another activity that puts us back in a simpler “boy meets girl” frame of mind, which breaks down so many walls in the first encounter.
  10. Get outdoors – A hike, a bike ride, a casual walk, all of them get the blood flowing – and blood flow comes from the heart and wakes up the brain.

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Contributor: Brian Howie, creator of The Great Love Debate & author of How to Find Love in 60 Seconds

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