Beneath Your Beautiful

Pairs Well With… “Beneath Your Beautiful” by Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande

If you’ve ever done a free fall before, you know that you are at the mercy of sixty seconds unknown, gravity and trust and that they all work together to get you to the ground.  It’s your job to trust the ground below you, and that you’ll land on your feet.

Remember that anxiety ridden, adrenaline rushing moment where you closed your eyes, took a deep breath, trusted and then after much internal debate, finally let go?  Almost like a free fall, but in your life?   Yes.  That was the moment you stopped being a heart guarding ninja and let your wall down to let goodness in.

In the dating journey, it’s not always easy to be freely unguarded, let alone trust someone you know so little about with your heart until you understand their intentions and what they are about. Memories of what went wrong and reflections of how we were treated in past relationships dance around present day feelings. When you’re guarded, you possess a heightened sense of awareness to ensure no one that can hurt you is let in. You are tuned into yourself and your feelings. Because you’re in such a state of high awareness, you’re also able to recognize the things you’ve been missing. Oh, the internal conflict…

I’m convinced that we build walls due to skepticism of unfamiliar people which in turn has us fighting off good things than surrendering to them. That is no way to live. On the contrary, I am constantly reminded that not all things we encounter in life are hurtful.   We’re all deserving of great things.  We should be fighting for the great things.

Sometimes we get stuck on repeat so long inside our heads that we choose not to or forget to change the tune because we feel more in control that way.  After a while, all you hear is white noise and background music, nothing you pay attention to.  It seems as though we put an abundance of effort into pretending we don’t care, suppressing feelings when we have “all the feels”.  Our energies need to be spent on emotional self-awareness and openness instead of fearing the following:

The Unknown:

The phrase “the best is yet to come” is an endless truth as we become wiser (one would hope) as we get older.  As we age, we see things differently and gain valuable perspective from our surroundings that sheds light on our daily interactions. You can’t know what’s on the other side if you don’t let yourself cross the bridge, and you certainly can’t let fear paralyze you from great opportunities.  Fear doesn’t get to win.


Despite channeling my inner Harry Potter superpowers, there’s not a time in my life where I can recall falling and being able to hit pause to regroup midway through.  My grace (or lack thereof) has even seen me meet a sidewalk or two in my time.  There’s no stopping the fall.  Gravity is concrete: you’re falling, or you’re not.  Now, take love for instance: you’re free falling (into it) because your heart is open and you are letting go, or you are clinging for your dear life because you’re in full force ninja mode.  Always take the chance.  You’re either loving or learning.


Trust is the foundation for love.  It is built on time and communication and is found in small moments that hold extraordinary meaning and understanding. Trust is often associated with cheating, but trust is so much more.  It is sharing, understanding, empathizing, and most importantly, respecting.  Yes, the judgment that can come from sharings is intimidating, but the bond created through sharing is so much stronger. Always.  When in doubt, always trust yourself.  You know what you are doing, and you know yourself better than anyone else.

The sides of ourselves that we keep hidden deserve to be shown – because they are beautiful. They are a part of who we are.  Each day we need to trust that our hearts will be held with intentionality and care, and we will land on our feet.  Meanwhile, enjoy the free fall.

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