Save the Liver, Find the Abs (2016 Spring Challenge)

Pairs Well With… “Impossible is Nothing” by Iggy Azalea + a positive attitude + friends to participate in this challenge with you (or simply cheer you on) + extreme dedication

The days are getting longer and the weather is becoming more pleasant which means summer is on the way.  No, really. You can feel the global warming kicking in all the way up here in Minneapolis.  It was 60 degrees this weekend – in February.  So, what the means is, swimsuit season is right around the corner, fingers crossed.

As 2015 came to a close, I decided to get crazy and do something no one should choose to do during the holidays.  I created a lofty healthy eating and workout plan in an effort to get really amazing abs by Christmas.  Well, it worked.  In fact, it worked so well that people asked that I document the Save the Liver, Find the Abs workout so that they could partake. And me?  Apparently, I’m a glutton for punishment because I’m doing another round of the challenge.


My results from December.  Time for another big push!

We’re going to feel our best and look amazing, my friends.  Mark. My. Words.

When you feel amazing, your confidence radiates.  There’s nothing more appealing than someone who is confident in their own skin, energetic and glowing. So let’s get after it together!

Here’s What You Need to Know:

  • The challenge kicks off today and runs through Saturday, April 16th.  Believe me, it’s not as long as it seems and once you start seeing progress, you’ll be incredibly proud and motivated by what you are able to accomplish.
  • Tune into how your body feels as you make better food choices.  If you’re staying true to healthier, cleaner eating, you’re likely to feel a large energy spike.  Say goodbye to those no longer needed lattes.
  • Results are a direct reflection of what you put into your body.  Make sure you’re fueling your body with nourishing meals and snacks, especially since 80% of your success will come from healthy eating, 20% from your fitness!
  • Nothing is off limits or out of bounds, but watchout for over indulging.
  • Take a couple of pictures before you start the challenge and tuck them away.  These are great to have on hand when April 16th rolls around so you can see how much progress you’ve made!  Share them with me at the end if you’d like.

Tips for Success:

  • Minimize dining out and eating pre-prepared packaged (think Lean Cuisine) foods. Restaurant dining portions are often large and full of calories. Prepared foods are generally high in sodium, additives and calories. By cooking at home, you know what ingredients are going into your meals and how those meals are prepared.  While your local dining establishment may not love your move, your checking account will!
  • Give yourself time.  It takes three weeks to build a habit.  The Save the Liver, Find the Abs Challenge will create supurb wellness habits and allow these new changes to become part of a long lasting routine.
  • Adapt this plan and workout to work for YOU!  Give what you can, and don’t be afraid to push a little further. You’re capable of so much more than you think.
  • Sacrifice at least (unfortunately, yes, you’re hearing me correctly) 50-80% of your alcohol consumption.  (This is the part where you’re “saving the liver.”)  Adult beverages lower our healthy eating inhibitions, causing us to cave for that slice of pizza or plate of nachos.  The sugars in wine and carbs from beer don’t help our cause either.
  • Leap into eating veggie meals, cutting down on carbs, removing processed sugars, reducing dairy intake and upping your protein consumption will help get you where you’re going.

So, without further ado, here is the Save the Liver, Find the Abs Spring 2016 Workout Plan.

Most importantly, please remember that any progress is still progress, and that is what is what we’re working for.  It’s all about progress over perfection.

Good luck and stay tuned across all of Pairs Well With…’s social media platforms for varying inspirations such as playlists, motivational quotes, fitness tips and recipes.  I’ll also be collecting your favorite motivators so I can share the love.  Send them along!

Grab your friends and start spreading the word!  We’re in this together. Let’s make it a good one.

5 Responses to “Save the Liver, Find the Abs (2016 Spring Challenge)”

  1. maggie l t

    Excellent leap. I will join you… It will be a rough start for me as I am vacationing in Mexico until March 13, but that should not be an excuse for not eating well. (Adult beverages while in Mexico? Hard to give up)

    • Pairs Well With...

      Adult beverages in Mexico? They need to stay. You only live once! Or start fresh when you return. Excited that you’re joining the challenge. It’s going to be a fun one!


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