It’s Only Weird If It Doesn’t Work

Pairs Well With… “Got Money” by Lil Wayne + Football (!!!!)

Sunday’s can be classified as a few things: a day of the Lord, a day of rest or if you’re me, FOOTBALL SUNDAY!  It comprises my three favorite hours of the week, and the rest of the world fades away.  My devotion and love of football earns me major points in the dating department.

I am a nine-year season ticket holder.  That means there’s been a nine-year standing routine for each of our 8 regular season home games in an effort to “steer” my team to playoffs, at which point things get even crazier, and more is at stake.  This year, we are going to playoffs.  Holy. Shiz.

Game are 1,000% better when your team wins.  Duh.  But as we all know, losses happen despite best efforts.  Nothing gets my heart going like deflating balls a barn burner.   I should know; I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan.


Remember those Budlight “Superstition” commercials?  They are marketing masterpieces.  I’m pretty sure my ticket holding cohort and I inspired these.  No, but really.  We just didn’t get any royalties (Dear, Bud Light.  There’s still time for a payout.) In case it’s been a while, let me refresh your memory:

With that said, this is the moment that started it all, pre-selfie stick mind you.  This photo is us in anticipation of a game-winning field goal.  Don’t ask where I obtained the purple latex gloves, just go with it.


It’s only weird if it doesn’t work.

To ensure a win, these are the things that absolutely must happen:

  • Step 1: Cut a hole in the box (Oh wait, wrong list)

Okay, for real (and generally in the order they take place):

  • Choose outfit wisely; no outfit combination can be worn more than once within the same season
  • Listen to self-proclaimed Vikings anthem en route to breakfast tailgate (in case you’re curious, it’s also the pairing for this post)
  • Eat breakfast for all noon games at same place, Lyon’s Pub in Downtown Minneapolis
  • Take good luck shot of Patron before entering stadium
  • Hold hands for field goals during all barn burners, and game-winning kicks, passes, etc.

Although these may sound OOC (out of control) to most of you, these are real.

What started as one good luck superstition for a game-winning field goal quickly became complex, with more of these superstitions layering onto the last. Next year, I’m sure you can anticipate something like “Hand Jive meets Macarena” added to the list. I just painted a sweet picture in your head, didn’t I?  Ponder that one for a moment.

I am a MINNESOTA VIKINGS fan to the end, ride or die, despite the ups and downs.  There is absolutely nothing like it, and this team is my absolute favorite thing to pine over, with Luke Perry being a close second.  Superstitions aside, we are a GREAT and UNDERESTIMATED team.  Mark. My. Words.

Where am I going to be on Sunday?  Take a guess.  I’ll be outside at TCF Bank Stadium cheering my team on in a HIGH OF ZERO DEGREES (with a -25-degree feel from wind chill) with my purple gloves crossed.  Now, that’s commitment.

In any regard of life, football fan or not, loyalty always wins.  It’s a life truth.  Get on board.

So, with that, I leave you a little nugget of goodness to amp you up for Sunday’s game. Skol Vikings!


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