The Social Showoff

Social media has taken over the world.  I know because I’m immersed in it day in and day out and manage nine (yes, nine) social channels for myself, clients and the Pairs Well With… brand.  Imagine a time when things were much simpler.  Mail was sent via carrier pigeons, and we weren’t always struggling to catch up with this crazy pace of life.  You didn’t miss an invite or important update if you chose to sit out on social media for a few days.  A time when we didn’t gravitate to showing off our latest “the one” or support whatever political cause of the moment was trending with a mere Facebook overlay.  A time where mourning was a private event of the heart versus a public and showy moment.  A time where the number of likes on a photo didn’t “validate” how much people care about you.

What social media moments should be public versus private, and how much of your public showing is real and not superficial?  Can’t you just tell someone you love them on the phone?  How much of their “reality” is real?  Which causes me to question, what is actually happening on the inside?  No one’s life is perfect no matter how much they pitch out to their Facebook following that it is – they just choose not to show the chaotic and ugly.

Social media has created a certain superficiality of our lives, and our connections, that even I am guilty of partaking in once in a while.  But why?  What are we trying to accomplish?  Do we need to remind others that we exist?

Social Showoff

While there are many amazing things about technology and social media, I’m certain we’ve lost a good degree of personalized touch.  When was the last time we had more fun with our friends via text, phone or instant messenger versus in person?  C’mon people!

How do we, as a society, shift back to more humanized connections?  Or do we want to?  What balance of life versus technology should be implemented before generations to come never have to leave their house or their devices?

Yes, I’ve seen your dinner on Instagram – every day for the last month.  Yes, I can tell you’ve figured out how to retweet – every other minute.  And yes, you’ve made it abundantly clear from your last nine Facebook posts that you absolutely will not vote for Kanye West in 2020 election.  We spend so much time managing our social ecosystems that sometimes it seems we forget to nourish our living connections.  Don’t forget to be a real person, too.

This post is in response to “The Social Pretender”

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  1. anotherquietmuse

    Your post made me think about my parents. So, thank you. I’m going to give them a call right now, instead of messaging on FB, as I might have on a typical Wednesday.

  2. mescalime

    I totally agree with you! When I started blogging, my second post was about Social Media and its ugly face. For quite a while I was disappointed in this new mean of communication and the way it manipulates people. Now I chose to analyze human behaviour based on it. We, as human beings, need constant appreciation and attention. And the easiest way to get them is by posting things on Social Media. It’s the way society “evolves”, but true human connection are hard to find. I hope we’re not turning into beautiful images with empty lives.
    I loved your post and the thing that it’s accompanied by a song. Brilliant idea!

  3. cyndilenz

    I spend a lot of time on social media. We have a large group people and we have a lot of events and we’re always working on something. Last night people were talking about the Syrian refugees and I saw a lot of ugliness coming from people. I did say a little and then I decided to back off and write a blog post educating people to the issue. A lot of my good ideas come from something some said that intrigues or upsets me.


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