Hi, I’m Carin! I’ve never lived a dull life, and always have a fascinating story to tell. Whether I’m catching catfish with my hands in Vietnam or playing with elephants in Thailand, my stories and content get me noticed. Creating quality content is easy when you know how to keep life interesting.

After a fifteen-year corporate marketing career centered on strategic storytelling, content creation, and brand amplification, I threw my conventional 8-5 lifestyle out the window and traded it in for a remote one. Now, I create content marketing strategies, articles, business impact stories and pitches that turn heads and kick sales into high gear for food and wine brands, restaurants and establishments offering pairing experiences.

In markets flooded with new products and brands vying for attention, it can be difficult to cut through the static and get yourself noticed. As a storyteller with a knack for connectivity and relatedness, I pair clients with their perfect content strategy, copy and collaboration to increase business interest, engagement and impressions, while deepening already established relationships.

Pairs Well With… is my personal brand story and creative outlet where I explore the fascinating dynamics of creative living, personal growth, traveling the world and being your own boss. Just like perfectly paired wines can accentuate the flavors of a meal, my pairing ability to create custom content through storytelling with your brand could enhance your engagement and impressions, creating lasting relationships with your customers.

Visit my Work With Me page to learn more about how I can help you grow your business.

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